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Smart grid is often described in terms of technology, but in reality it involves a balance of technology, processes and people within a complex regulatory, market and policy environment. Good business decisions cannot be made in isolation of strong technical understanding, nor can good technical decisions be made without understanding of more broadly based requirements and expectations.

Grid Scientific is focused on the role that ICT can play as an enabler to support evolution of today’s power networks to the anticipated “smarter grid”. Through our service offering, we seek to work with power network operators and their partners throughout the solution lifecycle: from early stage strategic thinking to definition and design to implementation.

The learning we have gained from experience in the telecommunications industry in combination with our knowledge of the electricity sector gives us an ability to bring particular insights to assist our customers in successfully achieving benefit from their technology investments.

We follow a structured approach and use techniques such as Tipping Point Analysis
to help our customers understand strategic and technology options and impacts. We seek to work closely with our customers, responding flexibly to their business, technical and operations objectives and priorities. Our services are delivered to complement the contributions of our partners and customers.

We are an independent company. This places us in a position in which we can ensure that a solution is realised using the best suited products and technologies, and that vendors’ offerings are fully and fairly represented.

Our offering comprises a set of services which may be selected or combined to respond to specific requirements:

Strategy and Architecture

Developing strategy and architecture which provides the right balance between the urgent need to address today’s immediate issues against the longer term need to be able to adapt and grow as circumstances change.

Requirements and Analysis

Undertaking definition and analysis of requirements that will lead to successful design and delivery of solutions that both meet user expectations and deliver business benefits.

Technology Selection

Supporting technology decisions with technical understanding and appreciation of the associated business risks and opportunities.

Business Analysis

Investigating business systems and identifying options for their improvement in alignment with user needs.

Technical Procurement

Undertaking a rigorous process for selecting the right products and supplier for realising a solution.

Solution Design

Performing the work necessary to enable definition, design and delivery of a solution that satisfies identified requirements whilst balancing the practical realities of deploying complex systems to aggressive timescales within limited budgets.

Technical Assurance

Assuring the overall compliance of solution deliverables which are principally technology related, with supplier contractual commitments and business needs.

Programme and Project Management

Undertaking initiation, planning, implementation, verification and closure of work packages, projects and programmes.