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About Us

Substantial effort and investment are being directed to transform power networks into “smarter grids”. This is a complex, multi-dimensional challenge involving many stakeholders and occurring on many fronts.

Grid Scientific is focussed on the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as an enabler for power network operations evolution. We seek to help network operators and their partners understand the role that ICT can play. ICT based solutions facilitate assimilation of new technologies, provide a platform for introduction of new services and enable operations improvement and change.

Our approach is informed by telecommunications sector experience. Appropriate use of this learning, in combination with our knowledge of the electricity sector, ensures that we provide our customers with insight and value.

Our offering comprises the consulting services that support early stage strategic thinking as well as the implementation of the solutions that respond to complex business, technical and operations requirements. The success we have achieved is based on our ability to align with the specific requirements of individual customers while following best practice in all aspects of our work.